Wet Clay Classes


What to expect: getting messy! Please wear clothes that can get muddy and come ready for some FUN! The clay and glaze does wash out of clothes. It will be one of the most fun and messy times of your life!



Scheduling classes:

We schedule classes with everyone individually, based on when we can coordinate our (yours and the teacher’s) schedules.

Class maximum is three people for the wheel and 4-6 for handbuilding, all classes are private. 


Wheel Class:

Age 12 and up is recommended for the wheel, based on the length of the students’ arms to be able to reach the wheel center.

An introductory session consists of:

First visit:

One hour of instruction with clay on the wheel. You will make 2-3 bowls or equivalent. 

Second visit: (about one week later)

One hour of trimming and texture decorating your pieces from first session. 

Third visit: (about two weeks later)

Glazing your pieces during our walk in hours. You may take as long as you need during this session to glaze your pieces. 

All clay, firing, and glaze are included in price.

Price:$100/person. (Three hours of class and materials.)
Classes can be individual, or groups of 2-3 people.




Handbuilding Project Class:

Handbuilding classes are a fun addition or alternative to wheel class. Projects are made using slabs of clay that you will create on our slab-roller. (Everybody LOVES cranking the slab machine!) Your project is then built and formed into an amazing piece of artwork.

Some examples are; bowls, masks, wall hangings, mugs, platters, and much more.The sky is the limit. 

First visit:

One to two hours of instruction and clay building, depending on the project. 

Second visit:

One hour of glazing and decorating your pieces from first session, with teaching about glazes and firing.

Price: $75/person (Three hours of class and materials.)
All clay, firing, and glaze are included in price, if a project is extra large, an added material fee may apply.



Family Handbuilding Class:

Want to do something fun with your kids? A family class is great quality time!

First visit:

1 hr of instruction and building.

Second visit:

1 hour to decorate and glaze your piece.


$75 for a parent and child together. (Two hrs of class and materials.)

All clay, firing, and glaze are included in price. Projects vary.


Intermediate and Advanced Clay Classes:

If you have previous experience with throwing on the wheel and would like further your lessons or studio time, please call and we will set something up. Existing clay class times can also be used for developing your skills. We have cone 6 glazes available, and high and mid-range firing clay as well.

Studio Time: $18/hr (without instruction, does not include price of materials.)
A material price sheet and firing fee detail sheet is available at the studio, please inquire.