The Birthday Party Scoop:

Our goal is to make your party as easy and enjoyable for you as possible. We have a lovely, separate party room for your occasion. Parties last for 1.5 hours, and there is no fee for the space for that amount of time. We have engineered the party time very precisely to accommodate time for arrival, choosing items and colors, painting, cake / treats, and gifts. Our goal is to have the guests happily busy so that the party parent can enjoy the time as well. We have found, through much experience, that 90 minutes is the perfect amount of time for everyone to have the best possible experience.  If necessary, additional time may be purchased for $35 per half hour, however, we assure you that 90 minutes is ideal for children’s attention spans to be creative and happy.

All parties include private instruction, use of all paints, brushes, stamps, everything needed to create fun artwork. After the items are fired, they will be attractively and individually bagged and labeled with each guest’s name. The party host may pick them up in one week. Parties must be reserved at least three days in advance. A $25 deposit is required. The party room seats 12-16 guests. If a larger seating arrangement is needed, we will schedule your party during non open hours, and we can accommodate up to 44 guests, maximum.

For $17 each, painters make their own selection from plates and mugs, cute classic animals (puppies, kitties, frogs, bears, cows, pigs, elephants, hedgehogs, etc), sea creatures (dolphins, turtles, crabs), robots, flower cups, sports cups, airplanes, and many other great choices from our party room shelves. The host may order items ahead of time, (please allow 10 days), if it is desired that everyone paint the same object, with prices subject to custom selection. Feel free to ask for a custom order price quote, we are happy to help make your party simply perfect! Our paintable party pieces may vary depending on the season, feel free to stop in and see what we currently offer. We guarantee well-chosen, adorable pieces! We understand and follow what is on-trend and age appropriate.

Cake and treats may be brought in to accompany your celebration. We ask that extremely messy food items be left at home, as we are, first and foremost, an art studio, and strive to provide the best quality art experience for our artists.








Girls’ Night Out:

Reserve our party room, bring snacks, drinks, and friends, and come paint pottery! Fun! Call to save your spot. We ask that parties have at least 12-14 (max is 44) attendees and that everyone paints something.  Gatherings and parties last for 1.5 hours. If a party should require longer, an additional fee of $35 per extra half hour applies.


Wedding Showers:

A great way to create unique gifts for the bride and groom. Each guest can create an item (dessert plates, bowls, wine glasses, etc) that will be a customised set for the happy couple’s new life together. Call for details, we will customize a shower to be exactly how you would love to celebrate.


Baby Showers:

Welcome the new little one with handmade gifts! Celebrate together and paint pottery such as night lights, baby cups, ornaments, piggy banks, crosses, and much more. We will make the occasion special and memorable (and CUTE!) with a personalized plan, give us a call.


Scout and Daisy Troops:

Earn badges while painting pottery. Please call to schedule your troop! We do offer special pricing for troops. Your troop will learn whatever is required for the badge(s) being earned, plus a tour of the studio and viewing / lesson by the kiln. We love troops! Some examples of badges that we can give a lesson on: pottery, painting, small business, community service, creativity, and more.


Special Occasions:

Have a special event or occasion to celebrate? Big or small, let us organize a party for you that is unique and creative. Our space is lovely and can be reserved a few days in advance. Mark the occasion with style. Call us for a consultation.